What to pack in your carry on bag

  1. Your passport
  2. Money
    Debit cards and credit cards are fine, but some cash is advisable. Traveler’s checks are NOT accepted in many places. Automatic tellers are widely available and typically charge about $4 per withdrawal.
  3. Insurance information
  4. One change of clothing (in case your luggage is delayed)
  5. A heavy sweater or windproof jacket (You will want to put this on upon arrival.)
  6. Toiletry bag
    Toothbrush, toothpaste, miniature shampoo, comb, deodorant, contact lens items, band-aids, sunblock, lip balm, hand cream, feminine products, shaving items
  7. All medications you may need on the trip
    Vitamins, antihistamines, dramamine (for motion or altitude sickness), prescriptions, digestive aids
  8. Snack foods
  9. Reading material or other entertainment (for down times)
    NOTE to workaholics: Please refrain from any productive activity that makes the rest of us think about our jobs and feel guilty. :->
  10. A water bottle

Large suitcaseOther items you should pack (perhaps in a checked bag)

  1. Comfortable walking shoes
  2. A hat/cap/sun visor
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Comfortable clothing layers
    Warm pants, shirts, and sweaters
    NOTE: In the Andes the temperature can vary greatly. Lows in the 30’s are not uncommon and then the temperature can rise into the 60’s or even 70’s in the noon sun.
  5. Warm pajamas and socks for sleeping
  6. Camera or iPhone/Android with a lot of storage capacity
  7. Personal hygiene products
  8. Walking poles (if you find them useful)

Items NOT to pack

  1. Costly jewelry or other items that you would miss terribly if you lost them.
  2. Any item prohibited by your airline or government regulations
    Even a pocket knife could get you in trouble here!
  3. Cards in your wallet that you will not need in Peru (such as a library card). Take only what is necessary.

Notes and Warnings:

The Peruvian electrical system is set up for 220V. All appliances (electric razors, hair dryers) must have the capacity to switch to 220V or you must take a converter (about $10 at WalMart, Marshalls, etc). You may want to take an extra battery for your cell or camera.

Cell Phones: Phone plans vary greatly. Please check with your carrier to see about coverage. For example, our Verizon plan charges $10 per day per device for unlimited text/phone while in Peru, while T-Mobile used to give us free texts but charge per call.